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May 2015

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I have missed you all

I've used LJ hardly at all this past semester.  That is somewhat true and somewhat not true--I still check my friends page every day but as I'm sure you guys have noticed I hardly ever post any more. Which is partly because I haven't been doing much of anything fandom-related. Basically everything I would've had to say is about law school, which is thankfully over for the moment.

On May 18th I start my internship at an awesome non-profit that focuses on disability law. I'm also taking evidence over the summer, which should be a difficult class but it'll be nice to get it out of the way. This summer I really want to make time for writing fic, which is why I've signed up for the jonxsansaremix! I'm writing a prompt based off of Tommy and Grace from Peaky Blinders. I also want to make more time to read things that aren't law textbooks, so if you guys have any good book suggestions please let me know.

This weekend I'm going to the beach with my sister. Hopefully the water will be warm--I definitely want to go swimming. Originally I was going to go with a guy I'd been dating but we broke up (it was only a three month relationship, not super serious) so I decided I'd invite my mom instead because it's mother's day weekend. Speaking of dating, I have gone on a lot of dates this year, like more than I ever expected to. There's nothing really different about me now but for some reason being in the big city = dating and being in a tiny mountain town just doesn't. It has sort of made me realize that it'll be a long time before I really meet someone I could see myself with. Not because I'm not meeting people, but because I'm a very unique person with a very different kind of life. There just aren't a lot of legally blind lawyers out there and there probably aren't many people that would be compatible with one.

Goals for the summer: make more time for reading/writing and figure out a plan for working out because I haven't gained weight but I'm such a weakling after months of sitting and reading textbooks.

ETA: Have any of you watched The Casual Vacancy mini-series? I watches the whole thing and I actually really liked how they presented it. My only regret was that Sukhvinder's story didn't translate to film very well because it's so internal.


Book suggestions!! Read The Raven Boys, by Maggie Stiefvater! I'm telling everyone I know, but especially every fangirl. These books* are great, you will love them.

*there are 3 out so far. The 4th and last comes out in February.