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May 2015

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I am alive

I know I haven't posted here in forever, but I wanted to update whoever still follows my LJ to let you all know that I'm still around and that things are ok and that I miss everybody here a lot.

Until I no longer had time for it, I hadn't realized how much fun I really had with fandom things.  I really miss it and I hope that I won't have to set it aside for ever.


I saw my psychiatrist today for a checkup and I told him that I thought law school was a cult.  My doctor laughed and said, "I completely agree.  I know what you mean because I was in a cult too, it's called med school."

As a law student you spend your time surrounded by a very selective representation of the population, hearing nothing but legal ideas all day long, with no time in your life for ANYTHING but law school (no TV, no real time for cooking, hardly any time for exercise) and all you do is read read read and sleep.  I hardly had time to clean or buy groceries and I was at school every. single. day. of the semester.  Even Saturday and Sunday.  I'd usually stay until dinner time because by then my guide dog was sick of school anyway and then I'd go home, shower/eat something, and work on school stuff until I went to sleep.

It was actually kind of weird when I came home and didn't have school work to do.  I was like "what do I do with my time???"

What I have done: read a book just for fun, gone to the gym and spent as much time working out as I wanted, gone Christmas shopping for my family, had actual home cooked meals with my parents, watched the news and discussed what's going on in the world with people who aren't tired/burnt out/anxious.  It's so amazing to come out of that law school bubble and see that the real world is still there.


Luuuunaaaa!!!!! XD Hi! Glad to hear you're okay. And things are going well, I hope.

Are you enjoying course despite it being all time consuming?

That does sound strange coming back home and suddenly having nothing to do but you seem to have found enough things to fill up your holiday which is great!

Miss you too!
Daye!!!! I've been trying to follow your LJ to keep up with things, hopefully I haven't missed anything big.

Hm, some classes are more interesting than others, but most first year law courses (in the states, at least) are pretty dull. You don't get to choose the ones you want to take. I took: contracts, torts, property, civil procedure, criminal law, and legal research and writing. The only class that's really over is criminal law--that's finished and in the spring I'll have constitutional law instead. Everything else is year-round. I really liked torts and some parts of contracts but most of my other classes were borrrring lol.

It was just the shock of being so busy all the time to "wow I can do whatever I want. What a strange feeling."

Do you have any fun plans for the holidays?
Don't think anything too big's happened to me. Just job hunting at the moment. Going to interviews now and then.

Well should get more interesting later I hope.

I'm probably going to meet up with Uni friends for new Year, so that's my big holiday plan. And of course the family is all coming home for christmas so I'll see my sister and my aunt.
Glad you're enjoying winter break! Graduate school is hard, especially law school! Happy to hear from you! ♡♡♡♡
Thanks! It really is--how are you doing with your schooling?
You're alive! Congrats on finishing your first semester of law school!

When my sister-in-law was in law school (and before she and my brother were actually married), she ate a can of soup or a lean cuisine for dinner during the week. On weekends my brother would "kidnap" her to his side of their condo complex so he could make sure she ate a real dinner. I do not envy that life.
Thank you!

That is the kind of eating that I've been reduced to lol. Sometimes my mom will drag me out to lunch on the weekend but then I end up right back in the library. I just keep reminding myself that it's only temporary.
From what I saw with her, it seems like things get a little easier each year. Like, year one was straight-up school, year two was school and wedding planning, and year 3 was school and working 25 hours/week. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! It's just a long ways off, haha.
Good to hear from you! I hope your enjoying law school despite the weird immersion in it. I remember taking a couple of pre-law classes way back in the day and the professor called law school "boot camp for your mind" which kind of makes sense.
I took some criminal justice classes in undergrad and a couple of forensic psychology classes, which was nice because it gave me some background so things weren't totally alien to me, but there's not much that can prepare you for it. Sometimes I feel like the type of people that go to law school inherently limit the types of ideas and perspectives that law schools are exposed to. That's been the most frustrating thing for me personally.