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May 2015

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D&D are terrible

Yes, Oberyn died last night. Much sad. Very disappointment. I don't really care because I dealt with the death of his character several years ago when I read the novels and, thankfully, they followed the books pretty closely for that scene.

But what I'm really annoyed about are the senseless and moronic changes to Sansa and Arya's storylines.

Sansa revealing herself to the lords of the Vale? Taking out that whole bit where she pretends to be Alayne? Making her trust Petyr? Could these choices be any more stupid?

Also: having Arya laugh at the news of Lysa's death simply shows me that the show runners have no clue how Arya was feeling at this point in the books. They only care about the "badass" parts of Arya's character, like killing people and using a sword. At this point in her character development Arya is traumatized and going through PTSD because she has just spend years living in a war zone. She is a child who has lost nearly all the family left to her, been the victim of slave labor, been threatened with rape and murder, etc. When she thinks about killing she feels "empty" and we never see her feel especially satisfied when she has killed someone. Arya just wants to go home, and at this point in her journey she's realizing she has no home left. There is no satisfaction or enjoyment left in her. At all.

Having Sandor totally announce himself and Arya at the Bloody Gate? How stupid and clueless can you possibly BE?

I'm going to watch the rest of the season but after this I quit. I love the actors, I love the sets and (most of) the costumes, but I hate these writers and their complete lack of ability to portray accurate characterizations.


I've only seen up to S2 and I thought some of the changes there were silly. Though none stand out now.

Sansa revealing herself to the lords of the Vale? I.. what? How? Why?

Isn't that going to bring a very angry Cersei down on Petyr/the vales head? Is that not mean Brienne's going to make a bee line for the vale? How is that going to work?

eta: what has ayra been doing all season looking at GoT wiki it sounds like had snador have reapetedly run into people she wants to kill entirely at a random.

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Season 1 followed the books pretty closely, and there have been a few episodes this season where they used George's lines word for word and those bits were great, but every time they make huge changes like this the overall story suffers. The pacing of this season is all weird because they're trying to shoe-horn the battle at the Wall into episode 9 and because of that Jon has been chillin' with the NW all season, not doing much, Stannis decided to go to the Wall LAST SEASON and he still hasn't gotten there yet, Arya and the Hound have been wandering around ever since the RW, so for a whole season basically. Arya has killed a couple people but they show her being happy/enjoying it????!!?!? Like, the things that make Arya happy are 1. her family 2. going home 3. practicing water dancing (the act of practicing, not the act of killing) and 4. animals. (she always tries to be nice to the horses/animals she sees, which makes me think she likes them). Killing people does not make her happy. To her it's almost like a duty, something she has to do but she doesn't have extreme feelings one way or the other about the act itself.

They took the dubious consent alter sex between Jaime and Cersei and turned it into straight up non-con. It was very much a weird circumstance in the books with a lot of nuanced things going on but the writers were like LETS HAVE JAIME STRAIGHT UP RAPE HIS SISTER, THAT WON'T DESTROY HIS REDEMPTION ARCH AT ALL.

And then, to top it all off, they have shown Cersei as this sad/woobified woman who is begging Oberyn to say hello to Myrcella for her when he goes home??? wtf? What happened to "when you play the game of thrones you win or you die?" What happened to THAT Cersei? She would never open up to Oberyn, someone she wouldn't trust in a million years, and say all those things.

And then Sansa. There have been all these weird/creepy hints about something happening between Sansa and Petyr and it makes me want to throw up in my mouth. I have no clue how they're going to handle the Vale lords knowing she's Sansa Stark. It doesn't fit Sansa's character development at all--at this point she has learned to trust no one and yet they have her put her trust in these total strangers????

so yeah there are some issues
:) Just a few sounds like.
LOL daye you always make me laugh. I think I'm just gonna stick to fic after this season this show makes me anxious

Oh god. I haven't seen this episode yet, but I'm sure the things that bothered you will bother me too. How depressing. I agree, D&D are terrible. Wt-living fuck are they doing with Sansa's storyline? How can that possible work?
I wish they had different writers. The actors and the sets are wonderful--I don't understand how things could go so wrong.

I have no idea how they are going to make the Sansa changes work. At this point her character would never trust total strangers like that, she has learned from King's Landing that she can trust no one, and then they show her telling the Vale lords everything about who she is? If Cersei and co. found out where she was they would kill her for being involved in Joffrey's death. And then they give her this ugly dress with mockingbird feathers on it? They finally dyed her hair but idk if they're going to use the Alayne bit at all? And if they do why would they give her this flashy dress, bastards are supposed to wear more plain clothing.

Nothing makes sense any more.
I haven't had the chance to read the books since I started watching the series (Hubby and I did a marathon of watching/catching up right around the time of this season's premiere) -- grad school does that sort of thing to a person :-P

But even without that book-related knowledge, it was weird to me that (1) Sansa suddenly can lie, and lie *well* (or at least give a significantly modified version of "truth"), when even in "just" the series, she and others have repeatedly talked about how she can't do that :-P and (2) Why would she tell those people what's going on, to at least some extent? She has no reason to trust them, and not a whole lot of reason to trust Petyr, so... WHY??

And that whole ending of Oberyn. From what I've read online, it seems that was fairly similar to the book, but still... GEEEZ!! (And please, don't anyone tell me what's going to happen w/Tyrion; I'll wait to see how that unfolds, thanks ;-))

I will say that I took Arya's laughing at the news of Lysa's death as a semi-hysterical-ish sort of reaction, like, "Of *course* she's dead; that's not even surprising anymore!"

Geez, what a mess.

(Although, I had to laugh at what I saw going around Facebook last week. Apparently George R.R. Martin Tweeted that he thought he should've been invited to Kimye's wedding b/c "I'm good at weddings." Now *that* I would have liked to see -- him let loose to wreak havoc *there*!! ;-))
Oh I definitely understand about not having time to read. I read the novels during sophomore year of college, I definitely would not have had time junior year, that's when I had the majority of my difficult classes. I'm also pretty sure I won't have time to read anything fun come fall--1L year of law school is supposed to be a LOT of work.

I guess at this point Sansa is learning to lie, but she's no expert. In the novels she pretends to be Alayne Stone, Petyr's bastard daughter, not niece, and she pretends so thoroughly that she thinks of herself as Alayne in her own head. I guess this keeps her from accidentally breaking cover but I just don't understand why the writers made that choice. I don't see any benefit in changing that part of the storyline.

Yes, what happened with Oberyn was pretty close to what we saw in the novels, but of course they had to show every gruesome detail. I guess in the books you know what happens but it seems more tasteful because Martin doesn't revel in the gory parts. It's more matter of fact.

I think my frustrations with Arya's portrayal have been building up all season and last night I was just like why WHY??!?!

I wonder if that's really Martin making those tweets because that's too funy. He has a blog on here: grrm. I have a feeling that the announcement for the new book will appear there before anywhere else, which is why I added him to my f-list.
I do remember reading that at least part of the writers/show-runners justification of some of the changes is b/c of the difficulty of showing the POV switches that the books do -- how do you depict that onscreen when you can't hear their thoughts, etc? I dunno if/how they think that ties in to the types of changes you're talking about, but I can semi-see that would be harder to depict on-screen than on-page (so to speak).

And it's funny -- just before I was coming back to LJ, I happened to see this via Facebook:
-- which is an entirely different perspective than I've seen anyone mention ;-)

I'd imagine that he's going to announce his book somewhere like that before anywhere else, too. From what I've seen/read in interviews, that seems like a good probability!

agreed that arya's laugh wasn't a happy one....

I don't read GoT but I understand a lot due to osmosis of friends loving it, so I picked up a few things...

to me it was hysterical/broken laughted because "of course this happened but every time I get close to family/safety it gets RIPPED FROM ME IN THE WORST WAY EVER" type laughter.

as for Sansa's i think the only explanation is for them to give her some victory? after she kept losing and losing for once she has the upper hand? i mean i heard the author told the writers things from future books so maybe this will play into that?

Re: agreed that arya's laugh wasn't a happy one....

I guess I saw them adding Arya's laughter as a way to make her seem more crazy/unhinged than she is. In the novels she wasn't very attached to the idea of Lysa, at that point she didn't really believe that there was anyone who would pay money for her. In many ways she'd already given up on the idea of seeing her family again.

Personally, I don't think this gives Sansa the upper hand. Her storyline in the books put her through so many circumstances that she could learn from and she went through a lot of character development, and they're basically taking that away. I actually kind of see Sansa as more vulnerable now and less in control because she's at the mercy of the lords of the vale. If any of them choose to tell Cersei where she is then she's going to die. That's what I can't wrap my head around.