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bitch please

what is sleep

So many applications.

I don't know how I'm going to finish my smutty_claus piece at this point. I'm just hoping to bang it out in the next few days or I'll have to ask for an extension.

Two exams next week, then a presentation and another exam the week after.

November please be over soon.


lol. That's an interesting userpic. Luckily my SC is almost done. But I hope the writing goes well for you. I wouldn't be afraid to ask for an extension. They've always been nice about it to me, and 'i have lots of exams and school work to do' is a really legit reason to ask for one.

Good luck for the exams.
haha it's from The Newsroom. I do have two weeks left, and I've been able to do some writing in class but I'm just worried. Worrying is what I do >.<

Thanks! How's your schooling going?
Wel ltry not to worry too much.

Ugh. School. Not so well, I'm bad at this independent working thing for my project. I'll muddle through in the end. Hopefully.
It's definitely crunch time. I work at a university, and everyone is starting to get that frazzled, panicky, "haven't been to bed in three days" look.

Good luck! As I recall from my own uni days, somehow everything usually works out and gets done.
Yes, November seems to be that time! It just seems like a lot when I think of it all at once but I actually got a lot done this weekend. It's supposed to snow later this week so maybe a few classes will get canceled... ; )
Hee hee... you just hope to *bang* it out.

Good luck with November! I'm feeling the time crunch, too.
Oh God I walked right into that one lol. I'm sure you'll do fine : )