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May 2015

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HP Masterlist

Here’s a masterlist of only my HP works.


Prince (G; drabble)
Harry, Susan Bones. If only his motivations were so noble.

His Longest (PG; one shot)
Unrequited Neville/Ginny, peripheral Harry/Ginny. You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always think of you. For ladywhizbee!


the wonder that's keeping the stars apart (PG; one shot)
Set during Slughorn’s Christmas party in HBP. Written for melusinahp's One Prompt, Many Writers challenge.

Radish Earrings (R; one shot)
Prompt: ruin. Harry just wants to see her. For rarepair_shorts.

We Are All Starfish (G; one shot)
Prompt: in cold blood. After being kept in the Malfoy dungeons, Luna tries to find herself. She finds Harry along the way. For rarepair_shorts.

Moon-struck (PG-13; one shot)
“That’s the problem with predicting the future, isn’t it? Things are only as certain as we make them.” Written for hprarefest 2013.

The Power of Rationality (Light R; one shot)
When Harry presents Ginny with a question she takes her time to develop an answer. Leaning toward the fluffy side.

Atropos (NC-17; chaptered)
Harry is brought in to St. Mungo’s after an auror mission gone wrong, and it’s up to Ginny, a potions expert at the Ministry, to save her boyfriend’s life. Written for takingitinturns

Fracture (R; one shot)
Harry struggles with guilt, the death of a friend, and sexual desire. Ginny feels that it’s her place to help him along.

The Tough Option (R; chaptered)
After splitting up fifteen years ago Harry and Ginny are thrown together again when they search for their children during a detention gone wrong. But will their complicated history get in the way of forging a new relationship? A story in five parts. Written for hg_silverlining's summer fest.
One Two Three Four Five

Outtakes From a Marriage (PG; one shot)
He is often grateful that his children are far less imaginative when it comes to bad behavior, grateful that the worst he’s had to deal with is James’s fighting and Al’s sour attitude and Lily’s unconventional ways of thinking. An interlude in family life for Harry and Ginny.

Person of Interest (NC-17; chaptered)
AU. Dark wizards target Ginny Weasley, author and former Quidditch star, for writing a book on anti-pureblood ideas. When she is attacked in her own home and nearly killed it falls to auror Harry Potter to protect her. Written for harry_submits.
One Two Three Four

They Tell Me (R; one shot)
He’d brushed his fingers over her spine, lightly touching her naked back, thinking that maybe this was what people called closure. Written for takingitinturns.

Femina Nova (NC-17; one shot)
Nova: the mistaken sighting of a new star, a flash of brightness that quickly dims. Ginny performs some unlucky magic and is forced to live with the consequences. Prompt: Dark magic leaves a residue, and still, Tom lingers. Written for hp_darkfest

Sang-froid (R; one shot)
They had all lost their childhoods because of the war; this was just one of the sacrifices she had to make, not only for herself, but for everyone. Written for hp_darkfest 2012.

Throwing Stones (PG; one shot)
A childish part of him wanted to put her in an uncomfortable place, the easy curve of her lips like a mocking jibe. Harry and Pansy run into each other in a pub.

Hazel and Chestnut (PG-13; one shot)
The last time he’d seen Pansy she’d been trying to offer him up to Voldemort--and now she was the vulnerable one, lower in standing after the war and burdened with the untimely death of her father. He found it difficult for him to care. Much. Written for takatsukishiori's birthday.

Summer Sundown (PG-13; one shot)
A little insight into the relationship between Lily and Severus, a few stolen moments during the summer before their sixth year. Cannon compliant, with the exception of Snape’s Worst Memory.

Weigh My Body Down (R; one shot)
Severus blames himself for Lily’s death and, inadvertently, tries to trade his life for her own. Three years later the consequences for his actions seek him out. Written for samhain_smut

And I’ll Survive Every Night (NC-17; one shot)
Lily Evans finds herself running out of time on a particular problem, with Severus as her ideal answer. Written for silverdoefest.

Oblivion (G; drabble)
Just as he was able to make out the distinction between patches of soggy grass and mud, the pitch seemed to go silent with the echo of his fall. He closed his eyes.

A Man In Wolve's Clothing (NC-17; one shot)
AU. Harry becomes a partial werewolf after an attack during an Auror mission. His condition leads him to reconnect with an old flame. Written for lightofdaye at smutty_claus.


The Familiar Sting: A Coming of Age Story (R; two parts)
Al steals information from his father, sells drugs to his classmates, and looses his virginity--all during the span of only a few weeks. But letting go of his innocence is more difficult than he realized.
One Two

Neville/Lily Luna
Lead Up the Garden Path (PG-13; one shot)
It’s always more with Lily. Her want becomes more of a source of conflict between them, urging him to do more than he should. For Welcome Home: A Harry Potter Ficathon.


Strike (PG-13; drabble)
His years without Voldemort, Dumbledore, or Snape have left him simultaneously listless and paranoid, waiting for the day when one of them will stroll back into his life and derail all of the progress he’s made, all the boredom he’s amassed.